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Suggested thematic areas for lectures:

1. Components and quality of the underground environment in mines and caves recommended or used for health and tourism: microclimate, physical, chemical, microbiological and other studies.

2. The structure of underground sections in mines and caves with speleotherapeutic factors. Management, exploitation of various mines and caves for speleotherapy; protection, engineering problems.

3. Speleotherapy mechanism, therapeutic effect, methods and methodological recommendations for using carst caves and salt mines or other origins for prevention and therapeutic purposes, medical recovery / rehabilitation, medical tourism, speleological or mining tourism, for relaxation and recreation depending on the presence and the quality of the underground curative (therapeutic) factors.

4. Speleotherapy in karstic caves and salt mines or other origins (knowledge activities and scientific studies dedicated to the specific underground environmental therapeutic factors, experimental results, studies of speleotherapy mechanism and the speleotherapeutic effect, clinical results in patients with different pathologies - obstructive pulmonary disease; allergic diseases, especially with bronchial asthma and also for other chronic respiratory inflammatory or allergic diseases of children and adults).

5. Halotherapy, halo-aerosol therapy in rooms / salons constructed on the surface - method emerged as a result of studies in the field of underground therapy (speleotherapy) in salt mine galleries. Halotherapeutic chambers and methods; salt aerosol generating systems and similar equipments; experimental and clinical studies, indications and contraindications, halotherapeutic effect.

6. The use of speleotherapy with other complementary and alterntive methods (CAM) for prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with different pathologies.

7. Specific parameters with speleotherapeutic properties in karst caves and salt mines or other origin, as well as in the halotherapeutic rooms (spaces) on the surface. Methods for evaluation of the active therapeutic components of the speleotherapeutic environment utilized for speleotherapy, speleotherapeutic and mining medical rehabilitation, medical tourism and also for rehabilitation, tourism or recreation.

8. Proposals of methodological recommendations in the field of speleotherapy and halotherapy (depending on the component and quality of the underground environmental therapeutic factors used for speleotherapeutic or halotherapeutic purposes and the pathology of the patients to whom applies respective cure.

9. The history of speleotherapy and halotherapy.

10. Managerial and legal aspects of speleotherapy and halotherapy